Julie, 2014 (Jura, France)

(Translated from French)

I decided to make an appointment with Helena because the nutritional detoxification method she practices interested me a lot.
I had multiple food intolerances and chronic fatigue that crippled me. Helena made a very thorough diagnosis to identify the cause.
We quickly set up new eating habits (rather amusing) and in parallel I started taking certain vitamins and minerals targeted according to my symptoms. The treatment allowed me to recover a digestive comfort, energy and it allowed me to understand what is good for me in terms of food. Helena is very attentive and also very methodical. I found her always very helpful and her advice valuable.
I recommend her to people who want to treat the problem at its root.


Kirsten, 2014 (Ekerö, Sweden)

(Translated from the Swedish)

My family and I, my husband and our two children, 6 and 8 years old, made a dietary change about eight months ago. We eliminated gluten, dairy products and almost all sugar from our diet. We also decided to eat only what we tolerated, according to food intolerance tests we had undergone through Stelior.
The initial motivation for our dietary change emerged when our eldest son had become ill with Mesenteric Adenitis. A Swedish physician informed us that the only possible treatment was giving him paracetamol (acetaminophen) or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs daily. The doctor also said that we had to expect our son not to be able to go to school for several months each winter until the symptoms had disappeared when he had ‘grown older’, in about 4 years…  We decided to seek help abroad and we got in contact with Stelior via Helena. The entire family went through blood tests to verify if we were subject to food intolerance, which we were, and which led to dietary changes for all of us according to lists received by Stelior. We eliminated the foods that we were intolerant to.

The first reaction for me was pain in my legs and in my back for two weeks, and an eczema appearing on my arm and armpit for 10 days. And then the symptoms just disappeared and did not come back. The children presented no special new symptoms that we could see. My husband had a headache for several days (caused by abstinence from coffee). My eldest son’s stomach pain and nausea decreased considerably after one or two weeks, but did however continue to come back in a much less severe manner and less frequently. The first months, his bad pain reappeared from time to time when he became sick with some bacteria or virus. However, after the summer vacation the pain only came back twice and very lightly for an hour or less each time.

I, myself, had problems with inflamed knees for 5 years. The last 4 months, these symptoms have disappeared despite the fact that I regularly roller-skate and play tennis. I became asthmatic 2 years ago. The asthma has also completely disappeared today and I stopped medication 6 months ago.
My husband had severe stomach problems for 25 years. He often had stomach ache and awoke regularly at night because of the pain. For many years he could not eat fruit at all, because it caused immediate pain and diarrhoea. He went through many medical tests over the years and he also underwent colonoscopy but nothing was found wrong. Today he seldom has stomach ache, only about once a month, and he can now eat fruit every day without any problems.

Since our children were born, the entire family has virtually been sick every year with a cold from early October to March. Last year, I had a constant sore throat from September to April. This year, none of us had a cold and the month of December arrives in only 5 days. We are fully confident that our newfound health is linked to our food change. To me, it was clearly worth the trouble to find new foods and recipes and create new eating habits.

Elisabeth, 2014 (Kristinehamn, Suède)

(Translated from the Swedish)

« Status report »
How do I feel today …
My big problem has always been constipation. Definitely inherited!! Mother, aunt, grandmother on my mother’s side. (My grandmother’s brother died from Ileus – intestinal obstruction). After having followed Helena’s recommendations (however not always feasible for me on a day-to-day basis) I can today report the following observations:

– My stomach now « starts » without laxatives about 50% of the time, so it’s better! I used to drink a de-constipating tea (imported from the United States) which worked well. However, it no longer exists on the market. The tea had been recommended to me by my health practitioner who had been conducting intestinal cleansing for 20 years. 3 months ago, I stopped taking the tea and started taking conventional medication. Nevertheless, there has been a 50% improvement in my condition.

– All my life I have been hampered by muscle ache and I was convinced that this discomfort was normal. It’s true that I realized that the others did not have the same pain (or at least not like me) but in my mind I persuaded that it was my body that had a default. Today the muscle ache has completely disappeared. When I do my regular gymnastics I don’t have any of that discomfort anymore. There has been here a 100% improvement in my condition.

– I observe today that I have more energy to deal with my daily duties and problems. I also realize also that I was actually depressed before facing/dealing with a series of difficult circumstances in my life. I have become better and better at managing these challenges. I have more strength today. I think the improvement of my symptoms is due to my dietary change and to the food supplements I take.

It is quite hard for me to remember all the recommendations to follow when pursuing the Stelior nutritional detoxification therapy: regularly prepare lacto-fermented vegetables, remember to take the food supplements, take time to read and try new recipes, bake cakes with other flours than wheat, for example. I’m not a good cook, I think I will never been, or I am tired of the period ‘family period’ with 3 kids to manage, working at the same time. Today I want to devote my time to other things. There are lots of foods that I miss today (especially cheese and bread). The laboratory test results indicated that it was mainly the food I had consumed a lot of that I had become intolerant to. I did not have the habit of pain before except when the stomach would not start and in such moments it were mainly headache and nausea. Many people I met today with gluten intolerance complain of severe stomach pain if they happen to consume foods containing gluten by mistake. Fortunately I have not had this problem.
I have not followed the therapy program to the letter but I have not made a lot of exceptions either. It seems as if you need to be pretty strict to get results, but I still think that this diet has helped me and I want to continue the program and I look forward to the new laboratory results. But first I will do the intestinal cleansing and vermifuge.

More positive observations:
The world has started to react. The market has realized that people want new food products. There is a greater variety of food products in the supermarkets in my town this year.

The program is not easy to follow but it’s worth it, as it’s efficient.


Stéphanie, May 2015 (Pays de Gex, Ain)

Before meeting with Helena, I often had abdominal cramps, which indisposed me during the day and woke me up at night. I felt tired during these periods, which happen quite often and at all seasons. The doctor told me it was stress and gave me anti-spasmodic. And then a friend told me about Helena, this famous gluten free diet, and I wanted to meet her. Initially, the idea of ​​not eating bread, pasta, and products containing gluten scared me. But Helena gave me arguments that convinced me. Both her explanations and the written material she gave me made sense. She knew how to accompany me in this process, making it accessible and even easy. Today I do not have the cramps anymore and I feel much better! I recommend Helena to anyone who might be adversely affected by exposure to gluten, even to those who might not even know yet that they have a problem.


Stefania April 2015 (Eysins, Suisse)

The nutritional detoxification treatment I undertook a few years ago gave me an almost immediate well-being. I suffered from lactose intolerance (diarrhoea, headaches, and a general ill-being) since my childhood, and about 10 years ago, I went through a series of laboratory testing through Stelior, which highlighted mercury poisoning (I’m finished treated today) and gluten intolerance. Indeed, I had reached the age of 40+ and I started suffering from bloating, back pain, stomach pain and intestinal pain each time I consumed gluten for two days in a row or more (pasta, pastries, pizza etc.). I also treated my joint pain by eliminating tomatoes and citrus-fruits from my diet.

I was coached by an excellent nutritional detoxification therapist recommended by Stelior. I started to sleep normally again and eliminates virtually all my health problems (migraine, various pains, constipation and diarrhoea). The dietary change, the dietary supplements and regular intestinal cleansing allowed me to greatly improve my quality of life. You have to be persistent and avoid falling back into bad habits, which is why coaching by a good nutritionist is essential!

It is clear that each time you fall back into old habits, however small, the reactions are strong but I am fully aware and take full responsibility.

I would like to thank warmly all those who helped me and accompanied me, including my children, to succeed with the diet change, which helped change my life for the better!

Elke thank you! Helena thank you! …and thank you all other people, doctors and therapists, who coached me and accompanied me!