Health assessments and laboratory testing to identify the underlying root causes of your visible health problems. Please find below a list of the most frequently used analyses

  • Food intolerance testing (searching for delayed hypersensitivity, which not the same as searching for coeliac disease via the transglutaminase protein)
  • Heavy metal poisoning analysis (porphyrins)
  • Analysis to determine the balance of intestinal flora
  • Analysis of opioid peptides (searching for brain neurotransmitter receptor poisoning caused by gluten and casein/milk protein)
  • Vitamin and mineral status analysis
  • Immediate hypersensitivity/allergy (metals, foods, etc.)
  • Fatty acid profile of the erythrocyte membranes
  • Analysis of oxidative stress of the cells (DNA, RNA, cell membranes)
  • Cellular mediation analysis of the inflammatory status of the body