Isabelle, 2017 (Ain)

(Translated from French)

Dear Helena,

All our wishes of happiness and health for you and your family!
L. (my daughter) is doing very well. She has finally had a quiet and healthy winter. We are so happy for her and so is she.

Talk to you soon!
Best regards,

Nicole, 2017 (Geneva)

Dear Mrs Sundström, thank you for your email and I send you all my best wishes for this new year.

As for my health, I think I am on the right track: the bio-identical medicine (gluten-free, lactose-free) I take for my thyroid suits me well and the daily dosage is distributed in several doses over the day. The gluten-free diet etc. has become quite simple, even when I go to a restaurant. My digestive problems have considerably diminished. They even completely disappeared during the week I spent on an island in the Caribbean!!!

I would like to point out that you have found the solution to my suffering (digestive problems and unexplained weight gain) that lasted countless years while I consulted a myriad of doctors and specialists without success. Since last year, I have lost approximately 13-15 pounds without doing sports or exercises, just by eliminating the food to which I am intolerant and by changing my thyroid hormone medicine to a bio-identical one (which is not reimbursed by the health insurance because it’s an American product!).

Thank you and have very good day,

Best regards,

Nicole X.

Catherine, 2017 (France)

I have now benefitted from personalized Stelior coaching from Helena for about 6 months, and I appreciate:

  • The innovative approach and “deciphering” of the analyses: this is the first time I have been provided with such precise information on my health based on “quantitative” analyses.
  • The pedagogy used for decrypting the biological data: the information was clear, and well explained.
  • The step-by-step management of the information in terms of analysing the results and the change in diet: Very satisfying handling of the patient’s individual capacity to absorb and to adapt!
  • The tips provided to facilitate the diet change: special products available on the market, recommended substitutes, herbal teas, oils to use, etc.
  • The regular telephone contact was pertinent. The encouragements were very helpful. Quick response to the questions I sent by mail or SMS. Always concerned about explaining the « reasons » behind why we did this or that.
  • les encouragements étaient très utiles

What could be done better?

  • The intestinal cleansing: create a synthetic Excel table grid that defines which complements to take and when rather than an email with text
  • The recipes: an update (without millet for example) and a more homogeneous and structured layout would be appreciated … but I understand that this might take time for Stelior to do…
  • Sheets could be proposed concerning the larger food principles: which oils to be heated or not, which fats to use, etc. I believe this is basic information that could be delivered to everyone.

To sum up, many thanks to Stelior and Helena for quality coaching, which resulted in acquired knowledge, which I wish to perpetuate.